She is  69 foot narrowboat called Selwood
She is a 69 foot narrowboat called Selwood

It’s been just under two years since the release of here latest album Indie Soul that garnered a South African Music Award Nomination. Since releasing the album, Field has been on a wild and wonderful traveling adventure, taking a break from music to join yachting. Her travels took her to European countries on the Mediterranean coast line, across the Atlantic Ocean by boat and finally to the United States and Caribbean, a dream of hers. Her adventures have given her that perspective she wanted and a break from what she called a very niche music scene in South Africa.

Making the switch from sea to land, Field has recently purchased a narrowboat and joined the ‘tiny house’ movement. “Tiny House living has been a fascination of mine for a few years now, and I thought what better way to experience it then just to do it.”

Along with her interest in a minimalistic lifestyle, life on the canal in the Untied Kingdom seems a good fit. For now, Field plans to settle in the Birmingham area where she intends to continue to write and perform her music to a British audience. We look forward to what this shiny new chapter holds for this talented singer songwriter.