After the triumph of the first Side By Side tour in March, there were numerous requests for the combination album. Since the start of myself and Laurie Levine’s recent tour we have sold loads of copies of the album at each show, and had fantastic feedback. The album will continue to be available for those that would particularly like a copy of this folksy limited edition album.

Side By Side (2014)

Laurie Levine & Josie Field

01. Everything Is as It Should Be
02. Not Gonna Cry
03. Home
04. Oh Brother
05. Use Somebody
06. Where to Begin
07. Where Have You Gone
08. Beating Heart
09. The Seeker
10. So Long Farewell

Indie Soul, Field’s 5th full length studio album is testament to her mature yet irresistibly catchy songwriting style. Five albums later and its clear that Field has raised the bar once more, the writing is insightful, taking everyday situations and dissecting them as only Field can, yet the themes remain beautifully simple. Indie Soul is a sonic journey combining old school soul with contemporary sounds, Field’s strong bluesy voice is the glue that holds it all together, she has cemented her sound, arguably her best work to date.

“This is Josie Field, always one of the most unique voices on South Africa’s music scene, at her best. Her latest work is beautiful, controlled and refined, yet ragged, raw, restless and regretful in the right places. In her new songs Field renders herself naked, pushing her music to the edge… A glorious precipice to experience.” ~ Darren Taylor Voice of America (VOA) Radio

Following a string of successful national tours and the development of their well-loved, unique musical partnership over the last four years, Josie Field and Laurie Levine have taken their collaboration to the next level by releasing their first co-written album consisting of a collection of brand new original material. The first of its kind for two female South African singer-songwriters, ‘Tigerlily’ is a rich blend of Josie Field’s deep, soulful blues tones with Laurie Levine’s velvet-honey country inflections, with a strong focus on their elegant harmonies.